Welcome to The French Brewdog! This blog stems from our love for craft beer, adventure,  travel and our amazing french bulldog puppy, Roscoe. While there are many blogs out there and many stories to read and follow, we appreciate you taking the time to listen to ours!

We are two east coast natives (Jill-New Hampshire, Cam-New Jersey) who met in Boston, MA. While both of our hearts are still on the east coast, we’ve taken the opportunity to explore new adventures on the complete opposite side of the country. We are currently living in San Diego, CA where everything from the sun, the culture and the beer are quite different from what we’re used to. We started this journey together during the late summer months of 2016, not really know what we were getting ourselves into or what to expect. We quickly found many things that we enjoyed about our new setting, but also some things that were going to take a little getting used to.

While many people think of San Diego for their near perfect weather, which is an obvious bonus to the unpredictable New England weather we’ve been used to for 25+ years, the first thing that grabbed our attention, even before moving out here, was the craft beer scene. For us, it was almost as if they took our beloved Dunkin Donuts, a staple any New Englander is used to finding on every street corner, and replaced them with breweries. Okay, definitely not complaining about that. However, when we started to look into it and got a little more serious about this idea, we discovered there that there are currently 143 active breweries in San Diego alone. Those do not include the 20+ tasting rooms (one of which we live a few minutes walk from), and similarly numbered breweries anticipating to open up in the very near future. Undoubtably, this number will only continue to grow, which for beer people like us is great news because our pursuit of great beer will seemingly never end.

In an attempt to explore our new stomping grounds, we thought what better way to explore one tip of the county to the other than by checking out every brewery SD has to offer. We started with some of the bigger guys that are well recognized across the country. Simply with the understanding that some of these heavy hitters reside in San Diego, we knew this adventure would be worth it. However, we quickly came to find that the more unique and fun stuff was found in smaller micro, and even nanobreweries (yes, a nanobrewery is a real thing, which in itself is mind blowing). As if our adventure for beer wasn’t enough, one of us got a job working in one of the most unique breweries in Downtown SD where it was a constant learning (and sampling) of some of the best craft beers in the county.

Along the way, we adopted a tiny frechie and named him Roscoe. Besides San Diego being a great beer city, it has to be one of the most dog friendly cities around. With this sweet new addition to our family, the three of us have been traveling San Diego shortening our list of breweries one at a time (okay, maybe some days 5 at a time). When our personal instagram pages became a collection of nothing but puppy and beer photos (but really, what else is there in life?), the idea for The French Brewdog was born. We’ll be using this space to talk about the breweries we visit, the beers we drink, and the people and puppy friends we meet along the way. All opinions shared on this page will be of nothing but our own, and we are nowhere near experts on this subject (yet). But we do know what we like, and we know what tastes good to us, and we want to share those stories and opinions with you all. And we hope you’ll share yours with us too! Until then, drink local and often.

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